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Our mission is to help Mayan families in Belize send their children to school. The limited ublic education is available only in the big ciites such as Belmopan and Belize City.  Back in the mayan Mountains where Maya First is working, there are only Church-sponsored tuition based schools. With their large families, it is hard to send even one child to school. With your help, we can send more and more Maya children to school ensuring they have a brighter future with more economic opportunities.


Primary School:

 $75 US dollars a year

Covers tuition, books, uniforms and travel allowance


High School:

$425 US dollars a year

For the first, second and third year

$650 US dollars for the fourth year


Vocational School:

Tuition fees vary. We have a student in Belize looking for financial assistance for the Institute for Technical and Vocational Education and Training taking the Tourism and Hospitality Management Level 1 Program. For one year, his tuition is  $852.50 US dollars. His other expenses include pants, shoes, school bag, notebook, folder, pen & pencils, eraser, ruler and pocket money totaling around $325 US dollars. Please help us send this young man to school.

Families need to apply to the fund to qualify. Payments are made directly to the schools.

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