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Agroforestry is the approach of using the benefits from combining trees and shrubs with crops. The effects of Agroforestry may be somewhat overstated. The concept of combining agricultural and forestry techniques in order to create more productive, healthy use of land is not new.


The narrow definition of agroforestry is literally "trees on farms." The basis for agroforestry comes from agroecology. From this standpoint, agroforestry is one of three principal land-use concepts. It is important to Maya First, as we have acquired some acres of land that has been overworked and improperly maintained that we apply the best parts of the principles involved in helping to restore the usefulness of the land we have invested in, in an area of low population density.


Agroforestry has a lot in common with intercropping, a technique which Maya First strongly supports. Both use two or more plant species in close proximity and result is higher overall yields. Because a single application is shared, overall costs are reduced. We at Maya First are encouraging locals to plant crops that will enhance and protect each other, in a shared environment.


Maya First supports practical applications of Agroforestry 

There are gains specific to Agroforestry over conventional agricultural and forestry methods. Increased productivity and economic benefits, greater Biodiversity in the ecological systems are typically higher than in conventional systems. With two or more interacting plant species in a given area, a more complex habitat that can support a wider variety of birds, insects, and other animals.

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